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The future is in the tiny hands we touch!

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Boys and Girls Clubs

Years ago, this organization stole my heart and they haven't given it back since!

I have been taking education and enrichment to Boys and Girls Clubs all over Florida for many years now. It's an organization that tugs my heart strings and excites me, as there are so many opportunities to serve. As a leader, it's important to roll with the punches, or in this case, feed the need!

The groups of children on the receiving end of the Go Grow Program have fueled my fire more than ever before. They want to know more. They feel empowered by the belief that they too can make a change. They are thirsty for more knowledge and eager to receive real solutions.

In the dream-building exercises we bring, the children are able to see the most important thing: That their dreams can come true by way of a healthy, stable earth as a foundation. The connection between the two variables is clear to them. Despite the difficulties that may arise, they are determined to forge on. Much like out precious mother earth!

Find your club near you today!

Few things matter more to me than education!

I often say that I am a "forever student" in my life, and I am always looking to do my part in ensuring others get the same opportunity to learn.


The Greater Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce, World Class Schools, and Leon County Schools are proud to launch Classroom Connection, an opportunity for local Tallahassee/Leon County businesses and organizations to support our students through adoption and sponsorship of kindergarten classrooms.


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