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Live Good 

KNOW the way. GO the way. SHOW the way.

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Sustainable Tallahassee

We are not only participating in a world class sustainable community with Sustainable Tallahassee, we are teaching the next generation to do the same. It’s their future, show them how they can change the course of what it will look like for them.

My daughter got in the car after and said,

“Mom why do people throw trash on the ground? It was fun today but that’s really sad.”

Yes, it is sad. Our challenge isn’t so much to teach our children about the natural world, but to find ways to sustain the instinctive connections that we already carry.


If you want a new path to LEAD on, ADOPT IT!


I have wanted to adopt a child for many years so I started pouring love into serving children in many capacities through my community. After being on the back burner, I was surprised when adoption came up again. Not in the same capacity, but roads need adopting too!

🌎So here we are! I couldn’t wait until the sign was up, but it’s ordered!

We adopted a long street in our community which we will service for the next 2 years. I wanted to do this with others that wanted to get involved but didn’t know where to start.

To celebrate our adoption, the first clean up will be August 28th at 9 am. All of our amazing volunteers will receive our "Sustainable Stash Pack” to start your family out with the tools to a more sustainable future.