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Meet Jenn!


When I started the Go Grow program I knew I would need to create a path of connection. I knew I needed something timeless, constant and strong. I wanted something that stood for encouragement and hope and long-lasting impact. I chose the tree! 


Serving as a vivid metaphor, the program, Go Grow, laid out the groundwork for leadership rooted in community and that flourishes through strategic partnerships.  Each community member represents a branch as their leadership voice begins to emerge. These branches grow upward together and are intertwined as everyday people exercise their united power and utilize their voices to advocate for personal and communication change.


Through this learning journey, I formed a line that, when said, was a building block to personal growth, social change and universal impact- “if you don’t know, you can’t grow.”


Planting People Growing Justice Institute recognizes that each person has a measure of influence that can be used to positively affect the world around them. Good attracts good and change brings even more change. Simple right?


We can, and must, work together to promote the common good for ourselves and the precious planet that houses us.


Never underestimate the power of a planted seed. 


If you don’t know, you can’t grow!

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